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Lughnasadh blessings

Today, the 1st of August, is the cross quarter day of lughnasadh, also known as lammas, it is opposite imbolc in the celtic wheel of the year and signifies the beginning of the autumn harvest and the waning of summer. Lughnasadh is named in honour of the celtic god lugh, the celtic sun god, a god of the tutha de dannan, he ruled over arts, craftsmanship, blacksmiths, truth and kingship and warriors.

Summer Solstice

Today is the summer solstice, the peak of summer when the suns influence is at its strongest, a time of culmination and illumination.
As the earth tilts we reach the closest point to the sun, all that has been frantically growing is beginning to reach its height, the nature around us is lush and full.

Letters to the Earth

Today I visited the letters to the earth exhibition at Rogart Mart where I attended a poetry workshop with the inspiring and talented Cait O'neill Mccullagh. We were to look around the inspiring and thought provoking exhibition and choose a focus, I chose the work of Aileen Ogilvie who created an inspiring sound scape of nature and crofting life using the sounds experienced and her beautiful voice.


Today is the 1st of May, Beltane, the height of spring. In the north life is returning, the blackthorn has been in bloom, bright yellow gorse covers the hills filling the air with its sweet scent, bees are buzzing busily around and are out of hibernation. The trees are flushing, some coming into the green and some carrying the promise of tomorrows fresh new growth.


This week I keep thinking about authenticity. How often are we truly our authentic selves? Do we know what our authentic self looks like? Are we so busy trying to better ourselves that we forget to accept ourselves? Do we even know what we like or dont like? Do we know what brings joy to our hearts and if we do are we bold enough to admit it?


I've spent the past couple of weeks getting things ready in the garden.
I use permaculture principles which helps maintain soil integrity, keeping useful soil organisms intact such as mycorrhizal fungi and retaining moisture. My relationship with the land is important to me so I don't use any chemicals or pesticides and try to work in relationship to nature as much as possible. One of my main jobs has been mulching my veg beds using cardboard and homemade compost to suppress any weeds and feed the soil for the growth that will come, it is such an important job as preparing the ground will ensure healthy and bountiful plants.

power of the sea

There is nothing I find more cleansing, invigorating or awe inspiring than the sea. I have spent time on the sea and in the sea experiencing her in all of her aspects from terrifying waves in the pitch dark while riding out a force 8-10 storm on a 27 ft sailing boat to floating on flat calm water with the sun warming my face. I gain as much from the sea as I do from the forest and regularly swim or walk beside the sea as part of my own self care. When life has thrown me in at the deep end there is nothing better to bring me back to myself than the awesome power of the sea

Light and Shadow

It is so easy to lose sight of our blessings that I think sometimes we must experience extreme opposites to see the worth in both the wonderful things and the lessons that life brings us, shadow in light and light in darkness.


How different life can be in the space of a week, from revelling in spring sunshine and growth to being thrown back into the full force of winter as the cailleach gives one last blast of her staff to the land, covering the world in snow and ice.

New Beginnings

Today is the 1st of march and you can really feel spring arriving here in Rogart. The snowdrops are out, the catkins on the hazel trees are looking beautiful, gorse is beginning to flower and the fluffy white willow buds are not far from springing into leaf bringing the first flush of green to the trees. A perfect day for not just taking a walk in nature but really slowing down and noticing the details.


As we move towards the spring equinox, where everything is held in balance, I'm reflecting on not only this transitional and liminal time in the year but on my own inner transitional journey.
Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are. —Gretel Ehrlich
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