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I offer a range of services here at into the wild therapy for groups and individuals including one to one counselling, walk and talk therapy, equine assisted counselling, naure connection, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and therapeutic writing. You can use your time here in whatever way feels right to you on the day creating a tailor made therapeutic session that meets your needs at any given time. For further information about what I offer here please just get on touch via the online form below or by calling 07849 837835 or email

One to One counselling
when counselling meets nature

I offer one to one counselling using a person  centred approach.  This is a talking therapy where the client's process  is respected and followed allowing the client to work at their own  pace.  This client-focused process can facilitate self-discovery,  self-acceptance, and provide a means towards healing and positive  growth.  I work in a way that is non-judgemental and accepting and will  aim to fully understand your thoughts and feelings.
Person-centred  therapy, also known as Rogerian therapy, originated in the work of the  American psychologist, Carol Rogers, who believed that everyone is  unique and, therefore, everyone’s view of his or her own world, and  ability to manage it, should be trusted. Rogers believed that all of us  have the power to find the best solutions for ourselves and make  appropriate changes in our lives. Person-centred therapy was a movement  away from the therapist’s traditional role—as an expert and  leader—toward a process that allows clients to use their own  understanding of their experiences as a platform for healing. The  success of person-centred therapy relies on three conditions:

1) Unconditional positive regard, which means therapists must be empathetic and non-judgmental to convey their feelings of understanding,  trust, and confidence that encourage their clients to make their own decisions and choices
2) Empathetic understanding, which means therapists completely understand and accept their clients’ thoughts and feelings
3) Congruence, which means therapists carry no air of authority or professional superiority but, instead, present a true and accessible self that clients can see is honest and transparent.

One to one counselling sessions can take place sitting by the fire or we can walk and talk if you prefer.  Session last for an hour and cost £45 per session. Consessionary rates are available for those on low income.  

To book an appontment or for further information please get in touch by filling in the online form, by calling 07849 837835 or emailing

Equine Assisted Counselling

Horses can be a mirror to our souls.  They are able to read exactly where we are at in ourselves and will reflect this back at us as we work with them.  
I spent three years studying equine psychology and behaviour and then used this knowledge to work with rescue horses at a horse rescue in Aberfoyle.  Through this training and experience I learned so much about myself and way of being.  I realised how much of a valuable tool it was in personal development, this became my inspiration to study counselling and psychotherapy with the hope that one day I would marry the two together.

I now offer the opportunity here at Into the Wild to interact with our horses during a therapy session whether that be working with a horse on the ground or simply visiting the herd or grooming a horse during the counselling session.   Just simply being with the horse relaxes the individual and can be a comforting part of working through what you need to.  

For a more focused approach I offer groundwork.  With groundwork I use mindfulness, body awareness and breath to show what you are communicating to the horse in your interaction with them.  Horses will always mirror our state of being and I find this interaction a powerful tool.   In learning about how to communicate non verbally with the horse using equine body language and awareness of our state of being can open a doorway to understanding how we interact with the outside world

All of the horses here are rehomed as their owners were unable to keep them and wanted them to have a home for life.  You can meet our herd members and find out more about their stories here (link to meet the herd)

Equine assisted counselling sessions where we simply have a horse as part of the session lasts for 1 hour and costs £45 per session.  For a more fucused approach using groundwork as part of our sessions allow for 1 1/2 hours and the cost is £55 per session.  Consessionary rates are available for those on low income.

For further information about equine assisted counselling or to book an appointment please fill in our on-line form or email or telephone 07849 837835.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Nature Connection

I have practiced meditation and nature connection for over 20 years. My personal practice has been a huge part of my own spititual development.  I began my journey into the world of meditation with a course in spiritual development covering many aspects of spiritual work including tarot and psychic connection, visualisation and meeting our spirit guides.  I then went on to study this as part of an ongoing group for a further 15 years where we covered chakra work, ritual and working with the other than human world around us.  This included studying the ogham (an ancient celtic tree alphabet) and ancient mystery systems such as the Kabbalah.   Later I took a course in mindfulness where I covered mindful awareness of self and surroundings, mindful awareness is something that can really help bring us into the present moment and bring awareness to our body reactions and how we are feeling, I find this incredibly usefull in helping to understand through body sensation how our lives may be impacting us.  These practices are part of my every day life and I continue to study them on a day to day basis through studying texts, having a daily meditation practice and I also meet regularly with groups who offer online group sessions covering breathwork, shamanic practice and meditation.

I work with mindful awareness of self and surrounding - connecting with the natural and other than human world, visualisation and relaxation, chakra work and breathwork.    This can be used as part of your counselling session or you can book purely for the purpose of exploration through meditation.  Handouts will be available so that you can continue your practice at home.

Meditation and mindfulness can help us to relax, gain a deeper  understanding of ourselves and also learn to live in the present moment.  I will take you through various meditation techniques and then we will  explore together what your experience has meant for you.  This is offered on a one to one basis or as part of a small group.  Individual sessions last 1 - 1 1/2 hours and cost £45 per session.  Group sessions can be booked at a cost of £15 per session based on a group of 6 and will last for 2 -  2 1/2 hours.  For further information please email or tel: 07849 837835.

Therapeutic Writing

I am passionate about writing, have a love of reading and writing poetry.  I write a regular blog where I reflect on our state of being in relation to nature which can be read here on my blog page.

Writing is such a therapeutic passtime and can be an excellent tool for self reflection and self expression.  I am an advocate of keeping a reflective diary on dreams and on day to day life, letter writing and finding a way to express ourselves though creative writing and poetry, finding connection to our muse and in finding our creative flow connecting to something much bigger than ourselves.  

Therapeutic writing can be incorporated into your counselling session or used as part of a nature connection session where we write about what we experience in nature,  I will offer writing workshops for small groups thoughoout the year where we can explore our relationship with nature and with self. Information about upcoming events can be seen here on our events page.  Individual sessions last for 1 hour and cost £45 per session.  Consessionary rates are available for those on low income.

For further information about therapeutic writing or to book an appointment please fill in our on-line form or email or telephone 07849 837835.

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are. —Gretel Ehrlich
152 Little Rogart
Rogart, Sutherland
+44 (0) 7849 837835
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